Air Pressure
Publication Air Pressure

The publication Air Pressure Paul McCarthy, published by the Municipality of Utrecht and designed by Kummer and Herrman, has been selected for Best Verzorgde Boeken 2009 (a prestigious design prize in the Netherlands)

Air Pressure Paul McCarthy
Design: Kummer & Herrman, Utrecht
Text: Jan van Adrichem
Poem: Ingmar Heytze
Format: 215 x 280 mm
ISBN: 978-90-804807-4-2

Air Pressure has been a great success

With over 40,000 visitors, the Air Pressure expo has been a great success.
From this week, all works will be packed and shipped to the US.

Last day Air Pressure

Today, September 13d from 10-5 pm is your last chance to visit Air Pressure.
Don't miss it!

Photo: Misha de Ridder

Air Pressure on television

September 9th from 19:55 - 20:25, AVRO's Kunstuur.

Last week Air Pressure

All works are on show again, this last Air Pressure week will be a sunny one!

Fortresses in the picture

On September 5th, many activities are organised in the Botanical Gardens. Dutch fortresses are in the picture this month, including Fortress Hoofdijk in the Gardens at De Uithof. Please join us for a combination of contemporary art, flowers & butterflies and children's activities.
10-12 hrs: free entrance.


3 Paul McCarthy films on show

3 Paul McCarthy films will be on show at the 't Hoogt film theatre in Utrecht, on August 26th, 19.30 hrs:

-Rocky (22 min), 1976
-Family Tyranny/Cultural Soup (7 + 9 min), 1987
-Painter (50 min), 1995

Please note that these films contain explicit scenes, we recommend an age of 18+

Reservations and info:

Exhibition complete again (August 21st)

All inflatables have been installed again this morning.
All inflatables lowered

Due to a weatheralarm for Thursday August 20th we've had to lower all inflatables. A message will be posted on this page as soon as we know when they will be inflated again.

Summer Darkness in Utrecht

During the "Dark underground lifestyle weekend" Summer Darkness, participants could visit the Air Pressure show for free.

Exhibition complete again

All inflatables have been installed again this morning.
Six inflatables lowered

Due to a weatheralarm for Thursday July 30th we've had to lower six inflatables. From Friday July 31th the exhibition will be complete again.
10.000 visitors for Air Pressure

Since the installation of the show beginning of July, 10.000 visitors already saw the exhibition Air Pressure.
All works are installed again.

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 22, film theatre 't Hoogt shows films by Paul McCarthy starting at 7.30 pm.
Three inflatables lowered

Today, Friday July 17th, we have had to lower 3 of the inflatable sculptures due to strong wind (Santa, Butt Plug and the big Daddies Ketchup).
Paul McCarthy Filmprogramma

On July 22 and August 26th, a selection of videoworks by Paul McCarthy will be shown at film theatre 't Hoogt.

Film programme 22 July, 19.30 pm:
1. The Black and White Tapes II (55 min), 1970-1975
2. Sailor's Meat Sailor's Delight Edit #2 (44 min), 1975

Film programme 26 August, 19.30 pm:
1. Rocky (22 min), 1976
2. Family Tyranny/Cultural Soup (7 + 9 min)
, 1987
3. Painter (50 min), 1995


Reservations:'t Hoogt

Extra info on:
The Black and White Tapes

Family Tyranny/Cultural Soup

All works installed again

From today, July 13, all works in the exhibition are on show again.
Most works installed again

From Saturday 11 July, most Air Pressure works will be installed again after a stormy week. From Monday on, the complete exhibition will be on show, thanks to a better weather forecast.

Photo: Misha de Ridder

Most of the inflatables lowered!

Today we have had to lower 6 of the inflatable sculptures due to strong wind.
It is unsure when they will be installed again, but expect the bad wheather to last for 2 or 3 days. We will keep you posted!

Photo's: Misha de Ridder

Exhibition has started

On July 3d, Air Pressure was opened by the alderman of Cultural Affairs Floris de Gelder (photo) and Hans Stoof, Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University.

Photo: Mark Vos /

Botanical Gardens ready for opening expo

3 July - The Botanical Gardens are ready for the opening this afterenoon. From 4 July the expo will be openen to the public daily from 10-17 hrs.

Photo: Misha de Ridder

Installation of exhibition- more

26 June - More works are now installed in the Botanical Gardens.

From 4 July, the exhibition can be visited daily from 10-17 hrs.

Photo's: Mark Vos /

Installation of exhibition

22 June - Today, the Piggies were installed and inflated in the Botanical Gardens.

From 4 July, the exhibition can be visited daily from 10-17 hrs.

Photo's: Priscilla Tienkamp

Paul McCarthy in Utrecht

26 May- Paul McCarthy decides where to place his inflatable sculptures in the Botanical Gardens.

Photo: Mathilde Heyns